Thursday, March 01, 2007

I have been busy sorting tubs of clothes over here for the last couple days. (This is the girl's clothes--not mine) I had no idea I had accumulated that much stuff! I managed to get it all in just 4 tubs downstairs and then they each have one in their room for the next season. Is that too much? I just don't know. Piper has her spring/summer stuff in her dresser and then a tub for fall/winter. Ambry is the same. The tubs downstairs I have sorted into infant--the stuff Piper outgrew already, 3T--there are two of these, and then 4T. I don't know if I am just a packrat or if I just have a lot of clothes for them. I just love having different clothing options I think. It is the greatest thing ever getting hand me downs. THANK YOU MOM!!! I honestly can say I don't remember the last whole outfit that I bought for Ambry. I did buy her another snowhat, but that was only because it was on clearance and so stinkin' cute! I also hang onto everything that she outgrows because Piper will be wearing it someday and will be in the same season as her.

I also went through all of my clothes. Some of it I just don't know what I was thinking. I mean, were my b**bes ever small enough to fit into some of those tops??? I highly doubt it. Hence, what in the world was I thinking? I have a really hard time getting rid of clothes--I have the mentality of it WILL fit someday--but I forced myself to get rid of a bunch. I wonder if anyone on craig's list will buy adult clothes. Right now I have a huge pile of it on my dining room table and all the girl's clothes that I am trying to sell surrounding my computer and sorted on both of my couches. Can anyone say PACKRAT? I don't know if Caleb was happy/mad that I was taking out all the tubs and sorting and getting rid of stuff or if he just saw a huge mess of clothes laying around. He did say he was happy I was finally getting rid of stuff, but that he knew he was going to be the one hanging it all up for the garage sale in spring. I think it will be one of the biggest garage sales I have had so far. LOTS and LOTS of clothes--from myself and from the girls. If I can't get some of this furniture to sell on craig's list, then I will also have a lot of that too. Oh, well. It is all fun for me. I love having garage sales. I actually want to try to find one of those spinner things like the professional garage sale people and be able to hang all of the clothes on that instead of trying to rig a broom handle across two ladders. I have enough stuff this year that Caleb just might help me find one. Too fun! :)

Ever notice baby's eyes in some pictures? Like they just experienced the most scariest, horriblest, terriblest thing in the world? Or maybe it is just my baby that looks like that. Anyway, here are two pics that I thought were so cute even though she has the scared look on her face. Hope everyone has a good Thursday!

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Thank you! Thank You! Sharon for inspiring me so..heehee. After reading your blog this morning I cleaned out all my bins of clothes and just dropped them all off at good will..ahhhahah...feels so good to declutter doesn't it? I spring cleaned half the basement last week now I'll finish the other half today. Have a good one.
I probably need to start sorting and purging myself. I need to check and see what the kids NEED for summer so I don't aimlessly buy come garage sale season. I only keep the bare minimun for the older kids, ex. 4 shorts 5 shirts for summer kidda thing. That way if we are really that hard up they will have enough if I do laundry, otherwise I pick stuff up cheap to add to it. I do keep more baby stuff because they seem to go through a ton of clothes at first. Have fun purging.
OH MY GRACIOUS they are SO CUTE! I just love the way Ambry looks so maternal, and how Piper's chubby little hands are wrapped tightly arount the toy (and the little finger crossed over - probably slippery from slobber). OH I miss my babies!

And yes, I need to go through my stuff. With 4 girls, it seems harder to get rid of ("maybe 'someone' will wear this", and I just need to do it!
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