Monday, March 12, 2007

Everyone is finally feeling 100% better. We went out for dinner on Saturday night for my mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!) to this great Japanese place. The cooks cook the food right in front of you complete with knives tossing and food tossing and everything. Very fun. Thank you to Jeff for a great dinner! Then we all went up to their house for cake...which I think I ate half of the entire cake! No lie! I think cake is my all time favorite food. Soooo bad! (I still lost 5 pounds though my first full week of dieting! Yeah!!!)

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! It felt like it was in the fifties. Our house made it up to 68 degrees, which for us is very warm in the house. (I usually keep it around 63.) Anyway, the girls and I went for multiple walks up and down the street. I wish I would have brought my camera. Ambry looked so stinkin' cute in her water boots and big rain coat. She was bound and determined to wear anything water related because she wanted to splash in all the puddles from the melting snow. Let's just say we still switched outfits many, many times this weekend. Oh, well. She had a blast and it was so nice finaly getting out of the house and not having to wear five layers of clothing to stay warm.

Only one new picture right now. (Thanks KK for the great pic!) I very rarely let anyone take pics of me and the girls but I have decided that I need to get over that. So here is one that I thought turned out fairly well. Can anyone find Piper's wrists? They seem to have disappeared! :) Have a good Monday!


Cute pic. I too barely have an pics of me and the kids, I'm always holding the camera.
I'm glad everyone is feeling better.....
and YEA, warm weather! Its warm here in Chicago too and I'm loving it!!!!!
Who is that hot mama?! You both look so cute!
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