Friday, March 02, 2007

The bad gets worse...

It started raining yesterday and just didn't stop. Apparently our basement liked it so much, it decided to invite the rain in to have a little party. I am not happy about that party. I mean, come on! We went over this same problem last year. One would think they learned their lesson then. Apparently not. Now it is on to Plan B. Plan B is even more expensive than Plan A. But since Plan A didn't work all that well, it's time to move to Plan B.

Caleb's Plan B entails putting a huge cement patio all along the back side of our house and angle it up to the house. The idea is that when it rains, instead of settling next to the house, it will run off the patio and drain out away from the house. Good idea...hopefully. Because Plan A was also a good idea. I was just happy that Caleb is holding off from taking down the wall downstairs because that paint job makes me so happy. I don't want to see it go. I know I could do it again, but it was a lot of work.

Then, because the basement wasn't bad enough, I discover a hundred dollar charge on my bank card. WHAAAT??? And of course this is discovered at 10:30 last night and too late to do anything about it. Just stick a fork in me. I am done! Not to mention I have been spending way too much time on the computer trying to sell anything and everything that I can to try to make some extra $$$. I have made $10.00. Think Positive. That is ten dollars I didn't have before, right?

I found this song on the this blog and have been playing it over and over. Ambry loves it. Take pleasure in the small things, I suppose. It could be a lot worse. At least everyone is healthy, Caleb still has some work, and God is providing for us. Now I HAVE to get off the computer. It is so bad, I sometimes don't even know where the day goes. Have an awesome Friday!


Hope you have a better weekend! Hey a know a guy or two who are pretty good at concrete if you need so help. hehehehe
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