Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've been busy, busy, busy over here. I have been working on taking down some wallpaper in the girls toyroom . It was old seventies striped stuff...not really my style. I finally got that down. I was so glad it was just on one wall. Then I got it all painted. I also did the closet because it was a pretty ugly tan color. I didn't even know that people painted closets anything but white. So I redid that and it looks a lot better.

Last night I started putting up the 'bubbles'. I really wanted a fun idea to do for down there and I had a couple of quarts of different blues that I picked up for about $3.00 from the paint store. I am painting different shapes of random 'bubbles' on the walls. Now I am just trying to find a cute saying to stencil on the walls. I will show the final picture when it is all done. I am even going to attempt to build some shelving down there myself. I betcha twenty bucks though, Caleb will take that job over for me. He is a stickler about angles and how straight things are. Not to mention if I built them they might come out a little dillapidated anyway. :)

I am also painting a canvas that was left here from the former owner of our house. I am going to do something with the girls hands and feet on it. Not sure just what yet, but I thought that it would be a cute idea to do down there.

We also put up a ping pong table this weekend, so we were busy cleaning out one of the storage rooms that we have in our basement. We have two huge rooms downstairs and it worked out perfect to put the table down there. Caleb is loving it! We have already used it so much more than I even thought we would. Eventually we are going to put up some cheap paneling down there. It is just studs on two of the walls and then on the other two just open concrete from the foundation of the house. He wants to acid stain that with some really cool design.

I am taking a photography class also in two weeks! I am so excited about it! I will get to learn more about taking better pictures and working with natural light. She is also going to go over the different settings on the cameras that we bring. I can't wait! I want to learn so much more about taking pictures. I have been trying to keep an eye out for a cheap camera--a used one would be great, but I haven't found one cheap enough. I just don't dare buy one off of Ebay yet. I am hoping that when I take this class, the teacher will maybe know someone selling a used one or where I could geat a good price on one. This is the one I've been eyeing though. It is just slightly out of my price range though.

Hopefully I will have some pictures of the girls to post next time. Also if you could, please keep my uncle and aunt in your prayers. They lost their son last week in a rock climbing accident. He was only seventeen.


Sound like you've been really busy. So sorry to hear about your cousin, did you know him or is he not from around here?
You painted a CLOSET? Whoa, I'm so impressed!

Love that pic below.

So sorry to hear about the 17 year old. How awful. My prayers are heading their way.
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