Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Lula and Robyn today!!!

Esther invited us to go to Crazy Bounce today for Lula's birthday. That place is absolutely unbelievable! I got only a couple pictures that turned out from there. I am really bummed that they turned out so yellow and fuzzy. Oh well. At least I got a couple of them.

Lula and Biggie playing in the balls. Ambry jumping in the "just my size" area as she called it.

Here is the view from the top of one of the slides. As you can see, these things aren't just for little kids!
Lula was smiling at me until she spotted Ambry at the top of the slide. :)

Ambry coming down the slide. I have no idea which way I was holding the camera??!

Thank you again, Esther, for inviting us to come with! That was so much fun. I told Caleb that we are definitely going to have to go there sometime together!


They had a ball didn't they? They can't wait until its Racky birthday so they can go again, but maybe will hubby is in Vegas, it would be a good time passer. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my pics load. Well I'm off to de-stick my floor before the in-laws get here.
Cute pic's! I'll have to take my boys there sometime I'm sure they'd have a ball. Maybe next coffee should be their than we can relax a little:)
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