Monday, January 08, 2007

Goodbye...Fare thee well...

Caleb and I have said goodbye to 2 Precious Moments, a stroller, a bed, a hutch, and some books. All have gone to better homes where they can be enjoyed. And let me tell is so nice to get rid of stuff and get more space. Not that I didn't like my stuff, but it is so nice to get the moola for it. We have someone looking at our entertainment center right now. That is our last big piece that we are going to have to sell right now. I have a dresser in the basement to refinish, a desk in the garage to clean, and that is pretty much it. Next, I am going to tackle getting rid of clothes and Precious Moments. So if anyone out there needs baby girl clothes or Precious Moments, PLEASE feel free to let me know!!!

I am also getting our tax stuff all ready on time this year. I was actually fairly well organized this year, so it isn't taking too much of an effort. I heard something about health costs also-that if they are above a certain amount of your income, then you get the overage back. That would be so great for us since we had so many things this year. I wonder if dental counts towards that because that would be even better! We'll have to see. I am even going to call and make my tax appointment tommorrow. I just want to get it done with as quickly as possible so I can get my filing cabinet cleared out and start putting this year's stuff into it. I love a fresh new start with things like that.

We finally had snow today! Ambry was so excited. It gave her something to look forward to when she went outside. Of course, outside time didn't last quite as long either though since she got cold in a whole whopping ten minutes. Oh well, at least she went out. She is becoming quite the little home-body. She definitely prefers staying home with momma and Piper to going out. She does love going to her cousins, but that is pretty much it. We started learning her letters today too and a little bible verse. She did pretty good. We are just going to take it really slow and see how she does, but she was so excited to get up this morning, get dressed, clean her room, and get started on "school". It was so cute. We are just doing a letter a week. I don't know if that is really slow or not, but I suppose she'll let me know if it isn't. This is where I went to get ideas on how to start with her. It is a great website. Check it out if you have time.


That's great that you sold so much stuff. I have some baby quilts I've thought of selling on ebay just haven't gotten around to it one of these days I will. Congrats on starting school with Ambry I think your moving at a very realistic pace for her age. Learning bible verses is one of the best ways to teach memorization and for reading comprehension later down the road when she learns to read. We taught Lucas Psalm 23 when he was two I have him on DVD reciting it it's so cute he pronounced a lot of words wrong but he did it and it's adorable. Now we usually just memorize verses I find when I'm doing my own bible reading that I think are good to learn sometimes we try a whole chapter but then I always get onto another verse before we finish the first chapter.:)
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