Friday, January 26, 2007


Since Crystal is decorating her new house, I thought I would share a cheap way to use paint and spruce up a room. The first one is in my daughter's room. I bought the canvas painting with her name on it at a craft sale. Not the cheapest, but I thought it was so cute. I didn't just want to hang it on her wall, so I went down to our local paint store and asked to see their mistints. They always have a really good supply of these in the back. I found the shade of yellow that was fairly close to what I wanted. It was just a quart and rang up at a whopping $1.50. A definite deal! I then took it and out lined a frame around the picture and painted away. I then got the flowers from Michaels. Those were $.10 cents a piece on sale. I painted those and added just a little glitter to some spots on them. For the whole 'frame' around the picture, I spent under $5.00. (Sorry about the taped off portion of the picture, but my daughter's b-day is on there.)

The next two pictures are from in my basement. I wanted something different and so I just outlined random squares and rectangles on the wall and painted then in. Then I took some ribbon and out lined them to give it a finished off look. I love how it turned out. Very different and people are always commenting on it.

For more frugal ideas, go to Crystal and check them out.

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