Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Photo boxes are a great way to store things. I use them to put my daughters 'firsts' in, for example, her first pipe, first pair of socks, first picture, birth announcement, and so on. But my favorite use for them is sorting my bills. I don't like to put them in the on-the-counter-organizer because I only like to file once. To me, that would be filing twice if I first put them in the organizer on the counter, then try to find them to pay them, and then bring them to my filing cabinet which I have in my basement. So for me, I bought four photo boxes at Michael's for $1.50 each--they are on sale there about every other week and they have some fun designs--and labeled them 'Bills', 'Pd. Bills', 'Misc.', and 'Receipts'. (This also keeps everything nice and organized since I do all my bills by my computer and my computer desk has no drawers. So this would also be a good idea for others who have no storage available on their computer desk.) So when it is time to pay the bills I grab the 'Bills' box pull them right out of there and I am good to go. My 'Misc.' box has coupons, blank cds, and other random stuff. The other boxes are self-explanatory. The nice thing is when I am ready to file the bills away, I grab the 'Pd. Bills' box, head downstairs and file away. This is what works for me. For more tips go to Rocks in My Dryer.


Hi Sharon-I love this idea. I already have a basket I put everything into but is is over crowded and I still have to sort the basket each week. I love the idea of presorting. I'll probably head out to Home Goods or Michael's tomorrow. Thanks! Jennifer
I love photo boxes and you can't beat the price when they run sales at Michael's. Great tip!!
Great tip. I like how you pointed out that this way you don't have to file twice. Thanks for sharing!
Okay, I'm confused.

Your daughter smokes a pipe and you keep your organizer in the sink?

I love photo boxes because they come in scads of colors and pretty patterns. Now that I look around my office, I see where I could stand to use a few. Thanks for the tip!
Sorry Carol. I called my counter the sink. I edited it to fix it. And my daughter's pipe is maybe what others might call a nook or passifier. Sorry about the confusion. :)
I bought some photo boxes a long while back because I was going to take apart my photo albums and then start doing scrapbooks. But I haven't done that yet. I was looking at those photo boxes and thinking they might be great for storing other things!
Ha Ha, Finally, someone else that calls a pacifier a "pipe". People usually give me weird looks when I say pipe. .. I like the idea of keeping a little treasure box of firsts. I wished I had done that with my kids.
I love this idea. So many uses - and they are neat. I'm always needing ways to avoid doing ANYTHING twice! I also love those drawer things on last week's tip.
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