Wednesday, December 27, 2006


SoI thought I would do a work for me Wednesday even though Rocks in My Dryer is taking a couple weeks off. I don't have anything to 'recover' for what with not having to worry about the whole Christmas thing. Plus I was thinking about it anyway. Have you ever tried to clean those annoying grate things on your oven? Tried to get those black marks off? You could take a scrubber brush and some Soft Scrub and scrub until your skin on your hands fall off...OR you could simply throw them in the dishwasher. (If you have one, I suppose. I have one in our new house, I couldn't do this before. I scrubbed until my hands were dry.) I don't know if it is the heat or what of the dishwasher, but it gets off almost all of the black marks or dried up food or whatever else you have on those things. I just throw them in with a regular load of dishes-grates and burner things-and pull them out when done-be careful though, they will be HOT-and they look great. Maybe this was a common known thing already to do that with those things, but I didn't start doing that until a couple months ago when I happened to be talking to my mom on the phone while trying to scrub the things. So even while there isn't a Works for me Wednesday today, I thought I would share anyway =)

Ever have one of these nights?

Ambry came into our room at about 4:15 this morning all excited because she found her tweety bird pajama top. Then she wanted to sleep with us. She proceeded to climb up into our bed and try to lay next to me. Well, mind you, Piper was already sleeping next to me! So she told me that she would just sleep on my legs to keep me warm. What?! So with Piper laying on my arm, which had long ago fallen asleep and was even past that tingly, funny feeling, Ambry layed down on my legs just to make sure I couldn't move at all. Oh well. At least I stayed warm. It is at times like those where you just have to smile and know that someday you will treasure those moments of snuggling with your little ones.


HI Sharon I throw my stove "thingy's" in the dishwasher all the time. I have pure white ones so I have to wash then twice a week or they look discusting. For the really tough stains I soak then all in Hot soapy water and then take an sos pad and everything comes off so easy it's great. I got loads of cleaning done this week I almost feel like I spring cleaned in winter it's great!
Almost forgot very cute pic's of the girls..I love the one of Ambry all covered up it's adorable.
They are so peaceful when they sleep aren't they? We usually end up with two in bed with us in the morning. Lots of the time we don't know how or when they got there.
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