Friday, December 01, 2006

Poor Piper. We ended up back in the doctor's office yesterday. The poor girl has an ear infection in both ears brought on by a severe head cold. I had taken her temperature and she had a low grade one which made me take her in. Since her VCUG on Monday they told me I had to watch for a temp. since that is a sign of another bladder infection coming on. She just can't win. I think I have been to the doctor more in her short four months of life than I have in Ambry's 3 years of life. It is incredible to me.

I went and saw our car the other day. They have decided to fix it, which we were kind of hoping they wouldn't. Oh well. They had already taken the bumper and headlight off by the time that I got there, but you get the idea. Poor car looks pretty sad.

Here is one of Ambry and Piper the other day. Ambry is sharing her blanket and trying to show Piper how to use her play phone. She is such a good big sister :)


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