Thursday, December 07, 2006

LOOONG post...

So my internet has been down since Monday and I have just now been able to hop back on the internet. I was going through some serious internet withdrawal! I had no idea how much time I actually spent on it just browsing through different pages or finding new games to play, etc... I got so much done though while the internet was down. It was great! The closets are now organized in my hallway and both of the girls' rooms. I got a lot of stuff moved out of the toy room in preparation for my brother moving in. I love it when I get things like that done. Once our internet was connected, I learned how to list stuff on ebay, which I think is a HUGE pain in the booty! I also listed some stuff on craig's list, which was the easiest thing in the world. I am definitely going to continue to list stuff there. And the bonus? It is free! Gotta love that. I even sold two of my Precious Moments collection already.

Just had to upload this picture of Piper. Look at those big blue eyes looking at mama. LOVE them!

Ambry talked papa into going into her fort with her. Her fort consisted of two dining room chairs with blankets thrown over them. Poor papa had to squish in there. Ambry loved it though.
I think it was just three weeks ago that it was in the sixties to low seventies. And now check this out! There is tons of snow! Ambry is loving it, although Caleb is having other ideas. He has already been out plowing three times this week. Poor guy :(

Here is another one of Ambry eating the snow. She is such a goof. Just about every time I checked on her she was eating the snow. Maybe there is something about eating snow when you are a kid, because I don't think it tastes like I remember. Maybe it has something to do with germs or something, because I find myself checking for animal tracks or wondering what could be mixed in with the snow. :)

To Grandpa and Grandma--G. and M.--hope you enjoy Kaylynn while she is out there with you! Kaylynn, enjoy your time out there and the warm weather! You will be coming back to freezing temps! Be safe, and I can't wait to hear about everything that you did when you get back!


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