Monday, November 27, 2006

So we made it through the weekend, although not without some excitement. Thanksgiving Day was split between Caleb's parents and my dad's house, Friday was spent around the house, and Saturday was spent at my mom's house. Well, all went well until the trip home from my mom's. We left there at about 10:00 pm or so and were on our way back to house when a deer decided he liked the look of our car. Our car decided it liked the deer...a lot. Now the deer is no more and our car is not a very happy one. Said deer had to be taken care of by the sherriff and said car is now moping at the body shop, undrivable to say the least. Our insurance is pretty cool, or at least as cool as insurance can get, but we get a rental car. I got to pick out whatever I wanted, so they gave me a '06 Jeep. Not my first choice, but all the vans were gone at the moment. I might get to trade for a different one tomorrow though. This one is probably a bit of a gas guzzler. It's got a big ol' V8 engine in it. It is also a little too big for me. I'm not a big fan of big vehicles--things tend to run into me a lot :) The adjustor has to come out and check out the car. We are kind of up in the air as to whether it will be a good thing or a bad thing if they total it out--yeah, it is that bad--the deer really liked our hood, radiator, grill, bumper, head lights, and some of the passenger side of the car. I told Ambry that the deer was really naughty and needed a spankin'. She responded with,"No, mom, the deer doesn't need a spankin'. It doesn't have a booty!"

So other than our poor car, our weekend was a lot of fun! I love spending time with family. I wish that there were more weekends like that. Hope everyone else's weekend was as much fun as ours.

Here is another picture from the park that I liked. PLEASE let this one have uploaded correctly!!! Otherwise I might just have to get a little upset :)


Ya, it worked, you cute family! I can't see some of your other photos but I can see this one.

I have been reading Created To Be His Helpmeet too. It's quite an eyeopener!

Thanks for the link!
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