Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So we got the call from the doctor today regarding Piper's VCUG and ultrasound that she had done yesterday. She has Grade 1 reflux which is the the lowest--it goes up to Grade 4. She does not have to be put on an antibiotic, which is a relief. Her bladder looked good, her VCUG was negative (that was the catheter with dye to test for urinary reflux), her right kidney is good, but her left is a tad bit smaller than her right and is the one that has the Grade 1 reflux. She will have to go back in again in six months to have the ultrasound done again to see if it has stayed the same or gotten worse. If it gets worse, or goes to the next grade, then she will have to be put on what they call a management antibiotic which will keep her from basically getting any kind of infection. Basically a super powerful immune system. We are praying that it won't get wose and this will be something she will just outgrow. Praise God that it wasn't any worse!


Is the car totalled or not? Thanks again for the chow. Esther
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