Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Look at those BIG eyes! It always cracks me up to see those startled looks when their picture is taken. I think that these kinds of home photos are my favorite.

My sweetie has finally been feeling better too. Her antibiotic has really kicked in and must have completely kicked out whatever nasties were left in her system.

From Ambry... "mom, 'p' is for Piper!" I guess they really do listen to some of the things you say :)


Hey Sharon,
Ambry and Piper are so cute! (Carrie thinks so too) I think you should get some more cute pictures on here. I love seeing what miss Ambry is gonna think up next. She is a handful I bet...oh wait... I know a little bit of what you are talking about. What a rascal, but you just gotta love her... she's so fun! By the way, Piper looks adorable after her bath. Her eyes are so big in that picture! What a lover! Well, I love you all- tell the girls I love them too.
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