Saturday, November 18, 2006


So I keep thinking about homeschooling Ambry and the benefits/cons of it. This definitely helped quite a bit. (I don't know if this link worked, but if it didn't just click and paste. When you get to the website, just search homeschooling. It will take you to the home page for it then). It is from Focus on the Family-Dr. Dobson. I think that my biggest worry with homeschooling is that I won't know quite where to start with her and also that she won't get enough interaction with other kids. Not to mention she is always saying how she can't wait to go to school and ride the bus. Not that it is all it is cracked up to be, but she gets so excited whenever she sees a school bus. I wish there was a one day trial period where she could ride the bus, go to school, see all the other kids and just want to come right back home. (Yeah right. She would probably be right at home with all the kids.) I think my biggest worry about sending her to school is all the sickos out there. By keeping her at home, I just think it would be so much easier to protect her. I wish that the perfect option for her would just present itself to me and I would just know what to do. Any one else's opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!!

So can you tell what Ambry's picture is here? It's a happy face! She made it out of marshmallows.

This is my favorite picture of Piper and me so far. Lo0ove that cute little face!

And another picture picked out by Ambry. Can anyone spy Ambry?


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