Tuesday, November 21, 2006

*EDITED to fix the pictures...I hope :) (for the 3rd time!!! This had better work!)


Only 3 more days till he turns 25! So I thought I would post some pics of him over the next couple days of him and the girls.

Caleb reading to Ambry on a Sunday afternoon. Poor girl was so tired.

Caleb pushing Ambry on the swing at the park.

Caleb and Ambry sledding last winter.

Just want to say thank you, Caleb, for being such an awesome dad and husband. You are always so willing to play with Ambry (and now Piper) and sooo patient. I love it that you are willing to make forts with Ambry, play hide-and-seek with her, and read her books over and over. Thank you for loving us!


Hey Sharon, did my name show up?
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