Thursday, November 16, 2006

BUBBLE SHOOTER...that is the name of the game that I have been playing as of late. I have been playing it nonstop! You have got to check out this game. It is a no-brainer kind of game. Just terribly addicting, or at least it is to me. Not much going on here. Just anxiously waiting for Piper's test day--November 27. There isn't even anything I can do if she does get sick, just call the doctor and they will start her on an antibiotic again. But I am such a worrier. Every little peep or moan that she makes, I instantly worry about her and have to hold her. The girl is going to be so spoiled that even when I do get the results of her tests, she won't want to be put down EVER!

Last night I had women's meeting and got home long after Ambry's bedtime. I went to go check on her last night, thinking of course she would be(or should be)in her own bed. Can't find her. I should have known better than to check her room first. I go to lay Piper down in her bassinet in my room and lo and behold, there's Ambry all snuggled in with Caleb, complete with Care Bears and her Dora doll of course. She's got this things with "nests" lately. Something my mom started. You build a nest of animals around them and they lay in the middle and voila, you've got yourself a nest. Now her Care Bears and Dora doll are all the same size as her, so there I am, fishing them out of our bed because there was definitely no room for me. Too cute. :)


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