Thursday, October 26, 2006

So today was an absolutely crazy day! Last night Piper woke up with a fever around 2:00 and it was a blazing 102! When we woke up this morning it was down to 101, but still plenty high enough to be concerned about. So we called the doctor and went in for an appointment. When we got there, her fever was down to 98.7 which was great! Or so I thought. We saw the doctor and he told us that since there was no obvious reason for her having the fever he was sending us to the ER to have blood work done, a catheter put in for a urine sample and a spinal tap done. WHAT!!! So off we went to the ER where we spent three crazy hours with them trying to get blood work done. Since she was so dehydrated, it took them forever. They finally had to drip it out of her foot which was terrible because it took ten times longer than normal. When they went to put the catheter in, she went to the bathroom all over the place. Which was great because that meant no spinal tap and they could basically tell us that she had a viral infection. Sooo, after all that they told us that she had viral gasterenteritis (sp). They were going to run an IV to make sure that she was hydrated and if she responded well to that and was able to start eating really well again, we would be able to go home. Two hours later and about ten pokes and a very stressed out mom they finally got the IV in. The poor girl had such a rough time. Because she was so dehydrated it took them forever to get it in. After about an hour on the IV she was totally perked up and looking around and smiling. It was such a relief to see her beautiful blue eyes looking up at us. It was the first time today that she really woke up. So, after all that we were able to be discharged at about 8:30 pm and made our way home. I am so thankful to God that we made it and that nothing was seriously wrong.
Thank you to everyone who was praying for Piper that she would be all right and a HUGE thank you to a great sister-in-law who was able to take Ambry on such quick notice. I am so thankful for such wonderful family who are so close to home!!


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