Monday, October 30, 2006

Just a little update on Piper...

Saturday night she was still running a very high temp., so I called my mom and she decided to come over and help me out with her. (TAHNK YOU MOM!!!) We were up about every two hours with her making sure that her temp didn't get too high and she was getting enough fluids so she didn't become dehydrated again. At about 3:00 am my mom thought she did not have a temp and I thought for sure she did. So after two different thermometers both read differently, I headed out to the store to buy a new one. Three different readings later, we decided that she had a temp. After that, we made it through the night rather uneventful, but still having to give her Tylenol every four hours to keep her temp down. Another call in to the doctor Sunday morning, and off we were to their office.
I suppose a nice thing about having a sick baby is you get seen very quickly. The doctor wanted to do a catheter for a urine sample and luckily they do those right there( hospital visit!). It is not nearly such a bad procedure as I thought it would be either. Real quick and not even too bad for her. She just looked up at me with big eyes the whole three seconds it took. Then they do a dip stick test to get a preliminary result and that came back showing some white blood cells in her urine. That can mean a urinary tract infection. So they ordered a shot of Roseffin (sp) for her. Poor girl. I feel so bad for her and all the shots and pokes and prods that she has had over the last four days. The Roseffin they said should clear up the infection if it is UTI. If not, then they wwould have to reexamine her and order more tests to be done if she hadn't improved at all. If it was a UTI, then they would probably order a VCUG (sp) which is where they inject dye into the bladder and then do an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder to see where the dye is going.
Hopefully it is nothing too serious and we won't have to do any more tests. Piper and I then went home after dropping Caleb and Ambry off at church. Another long day of monitoring her temp and making sure she was drinking enough fluids. At about 6:00pm her temp was way back up again so I called the doctor again. They said not to worry too much about it and just to watch her very carefully and watch for signs of dehydration or a change in her behaviour. Another four hour wait and hoping that her temp will not have gone back up...10:00pm came and...NO FEVER!!! I thought it was a fluke so I took it again and then again. Nope. It was all good. No more fever. I still woke up at 4:00 to check on her--no every two hours again since I was up until about 12:30 with her that night. NO fever again at 4:00 or at 6:00 when Caleb went to work. YEAH! I still had to call the doctor and let them know how she was doing, and they said I still had to come in with her for one more shot of Roseffin. We are still waiting on the urine cultures to come back and see what the results of those are. Either way, no matter what the results are, they are not going to do any more tests, according to the nurse, since she is doing a lot better and not running a fever anymore. Hopefully tommorrow will bring good news.
Thank you again everyone for all your prayers!!


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